In the event of an emergency please phone 01803 862142.  This number is answered personally 24 hours a day.  If it is engaged please keep trying as it means someone else is already talking to us.

We are only able to provide an emergency service for registered clients.  If you are registered at another practice please use their out of hours service.  We are proud of the 24 hour service that we provide to our clients.  We understand that it is an important part of your animal's care.

We provide a 24 hour service 365 days of the year and use our own vets to cover the out of hours period.  Some local practices share their out of hours cover so you may not be seen by your own practice.  We have 2 vets on every night, weekend and bank holiday who cover all of the out of hours work.

Some local practices provide a mobile number but as reception is never 100% we do not rely on the mobile network and have one of our receptionists manning the phones at all times.

Between 7pm and 8.30am we are unable to deal with any enquiries regarding accounts or booking appointments so please do not phone unless it is a true emergency.  Calling between these hours with non-urgent requests could cause someone with a real emergency to be left unable to get through.

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