Small Animals

All of our 6 branches have consult sessions for first opinion veterinary care of your pets.  Our routine services include health checks, vaccinations, micro-chipping and medical treatments.   We can provide dental care, neutering and basic surgical procedures such as lump removals.  Our Paignton and Totnes branches have x-ray and automatic processing for rapid results and our endoscopes allow us to visualise the nasal passages and airways of dogs and the oesophagus and stomachs of cats and dogs.  We are able to perform more complicated orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery at our Paignton and Totnes branches.

Our Paignton surgery also has the facility to use non-invasive ultrasound.  This allows us to see the size and internal architecture of abdominal organs such as the liver and kidneys and the heart with minimal or no sedation.  If further investigations are required we can perform ultrasound guided biopsies to prevent unnecessary damage when taking samples.

We have a mobile ECG (Electrocardiogram) machine which allows us to digitally record the heart's electrical signals.  These can then be sent off to cardiac experts who can offer advice on how to treat the specific heart condition diagnosed.  Our Totnes and Paignton branches have in-house laboratory equipment which allows us to assess liver and kidney functions in an emergency with results available in 15 minutes.  Our routine samples are sent to a specialist laboratory in Exeter where pathology experts run the tests and provide us with a comprehensive service with many results provided within 24 hours.

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