Dart Vale Veterinary Group - Serving Devon

Dart Vale Veterinary Group is proud to be an approved member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Practice Standards Scheme.

As an accredited practice, we have passed an inspection carried out by The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons focusing on a range of areas, including hygiene, health and safety, clinical governance and the facilities we provide, to name just few of the many criteria.

The practice started by servicing the farming community in the area around Totnes in the 1950's.  Derek Hair and Wilf Beaumont began their successful partnership with a practice in Castle Street, Totnes.  The small animal work played a small part initially with operations taking place on Thursday evenings after the consults had been finished.  Michael Webster and Jim Goodwin joined the partnership as it expanded to five branches around South Devon.  During the 1980's the veterinary profession started to take small animal work seriously. In the past 10 years we have seen rapid growth in all of our 6 practices and we have increased our vet numbers from six to fifteen.

A name change followed, and we became Dart Vale Veterinary Group.  

2012 saw the openning of our new surgery in Totnes, including a large clincal care area with operating rooms, separate kennel rooms for cats and dogs, and even walk-in kennels for the bigger customers.  The building houses our main offices, our control centre for our roving vets and a larger waiting room.

2012 also saw the last of our surgeries go computerised.  Our staff spent many hours adding the card records to our computer database.  Now, wherever your pet is treated across our group, the vet can see all the notes from the other surgeries.

 As a trusted and respected local veterinary practice we provide veterinary care for several local animal charities.  We support these charities by offering discounted rates to them as we believe these charities provide a valuable local service rehoming hundreds of unwanted and neglected animals every year. Your support is also vital for them and if you would like to contribute to their work then you can donate online via their websites.


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